Since 2010 the main focus is the ministry to missionaries in WA, counseling missionaries , housing missionaries, practical help to missionaries.

Our next priority for now is serving the homeless in Seattle 

I really believe we are to go back to Mexico, to Sta Elena and the Tarahumara Indians ...we know we need to wait for God's timing and do what He tells us to do for now. We have continued to fund-raise for the ministries we worked with and send that to coworkers who are still there. We are in regular email contact with them and pray for them weekly.

Leaving Mexico ( as was advised to all families with children) after 10 years of working and living there ,was the hardest decision we ever made ; but it lead to the ministry for missionaries to be build and serving the homeless here in WA.

Just as many people we saw in Mexico, the homeless in the US at times have no access to medical help either, or they get treated quite poorly if they go to a doctors office as they often have no chance of showering nor washing their some of your gifts for medical may be used to help them.

in 2013 Ester did a medical outreach in Peru for a month , in 2014 lots of funds for medical missions went to help the Oso landslide in WA . We want to continue to go help whom ever the Lord leads on our path, where ever he leads us.

 After serving Mexico from 1999 till 2010 we had to decide to wait till things get safer to return.
Due to the increasing violence of drug cartels in Mexico we as of 2010 no longer take teams in until safer to do so...we will post that right here if we think it's safe enough 

Each beginning of the year we pray to find direction as to use our medical skills elsewhere until we can return to Mexico.