Restore His Workers is 
A ministry founded to restore missionaries to : *God
                                                                    *them self
                                                                    *their calling
                                                                    *their family &friends & supporters
                                                                    *their church
                                                                    *their ministry
                                                                    *their culture
We plan to do this by offering  a place to stay in a lovely private forest setting from 2 weeks up to Max 6 months, counseling if desired , fellowship and prayer.

 If you are a full time missionary since 2 or more years and find yourselves exhausted / running on empty / frustrated / ill ; know you have a place to come for rest ,healing, prayer , r & r.
   Come for 2 weeks , 3 months or the max stay of 6 months
It took time to get this tired will take time to restore.

  If you want counseling to find what you can change to avoid burn out next time ; allow time to find what God has for you and how He can help you sustain yourself better next time, or how you can reprogram yourself to have good boundaries for you and those you serve so serving will not wear you down. Counseling is generally given to missionaries lodging with us for 6 weeks or longer only but can be done on an 'out-client' bases as well.

ask for an application package if you want lodging / lodging & counseling 
ask for counseling details if you would like that
at email

we have a very  limited visitors policy as to keep this a peaceful and restful place for all living here.

Since we started missions in 1994 ourselves we found many missionaries burned out due to: 
Fighting the battle alone /many work hours per week / lack of support / loss of vision / not seeing results /no vacations / no privacy / no place to call home / no understanding from their home front / loss of their own culture / sickness / giving in to temptations.

Today, many missionaries have a hard time finding the needed support, prayer -cover, counseling, encouragement, etc. in their churches to keep standing AND be effective in the front lines of the battle of souls against the enemy.
Many western churches see spiritual warfare as a 'superstitious' thing or a 'if you don't think about it, it is not going to bother you' kind of thing ...Any missionary will soon find out the battle is 'HOT' and laborers are few; Luke 10:2-12

For this reason we offer counseling to burned out missionaries (and if needed their churches / ministry/ home front)
 - So they will either be able to return to the mission field and be stronger and more effective than before
 - Or so they can return to their home town and church without any shame / sense of failure /unresolved personal issues,
   and be rested enough to have a task in their home church in a different area.

We also offer help to churches to take better care of their missionaries (whether they return home or continue with missions), 
and we network between ministries and churches on behalf of our fellow missionaries. 

We prioritize helping missionaries who have been in the mission field full time for 2  years or longer.
 We are called to help missionaries who are burned out ''because of'' their work for the Lord ; missionaries with burn out due to pre-existing conditions we may refer to professional counselors if our method of prayer counseling is not enough.
 We are committed to help any missionary in need any way we can at all times.

we are fluent in Dutch and English, understand and speak quite some German and Spanish, understand a little French 

 We pay the mortgage of the land and raise funds to maintain the cabins ; any missionary staying with us is asked to cover their own living expenses (food, electricity, travel expenses, medical cost + insurance, damage). If this is hard a missionary may apply for our help to fundraise at time of application to come to 'Rivers Rest' or arrange to volunteer in our yard or ministry instead.

Public transportation is very minimal in the mountains here ; a car to get around is handy..if you dont have one/ can't rent one you can ask for rides with the Fosmo familiy on the days they go to town.