This ministry houses full time missionaries and at times part time missionaries / full time volunteers / pastors for longer or shorter time retreats.

we have 2 units that house 1 or 2 persons , 1 unit that houses a family of 2 to 4 persons, one unit that houses 2 to 6 persons, and as one of the 2 person units is on top of the 6 person unit we can combine these two and house a family for up to 10 persons

The Fosmo family privately owns the land , pays for the mortgage & property taxes and does all the work on the land.
 They work as missionaries for restore His workers full time ( unpaid) as to make your stay as cheap as possible.
    You as guest are asked to cover your electricity , utilities, building insurance ( see the last page of the application package)
generally $100,- per person per week , $25,- per extra person/ child per week.

If this is too much for you please let us know at time of application so we can see what we can do for you.
If your church / ministry lets us know you cannot afford this you can apply for scholarship
   If you just want to save some $ you can ask to do one day a week yard or maintenance work to reduce your contributions up to half price per unit

we have a very 'limited visitors policy' as to keep this a peaceful and restful place for all living here.
we live 1 1/2 hrs away from Seattle , 40 minutes from stores , minimal public transportation ; all this makes this a great place to get rest. 
If you plan to fund raise / spend a lot of time in cities this may be a challenge due to travel time and gas.
with rural living comes rural internet service ... so bring your own service/ hotspot if you need any of that ,or use the libraries computers 20 minutes away from us. for emergencies you may ask the Fosmo's private phone and computer.
may God bless you and give you the rest you need !
 If you are a full time missionary and need some time to get away from work / fundraising / people     needing your time , so you can have alone time with God ; this may be the right place for you.

 you can come for 2 weeks upto 6 months maximum.

 Located in the foothills of the cascade mountains of WA state, USA are 4 cabins for missionaries     needing rest / refocusing/ time with God/ down time/ family time.

 Ask for an application from if this is what you desire by emailing